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Raquette Lake Schools

Raquette Lake Union Free School District is located at 115 Route 28 Raquette Lake, NY. This very small district provides education for the community of Raquette Lake. Raquette Lake is a town in Hamilton County, New York in the United States of America. This District offers small class sizes, positive community support, individual attention, and encouragement where all students and staff members strive for excellence.

Students attending this district will find a very helpful guidance office staff to help students with important decisions about their future. Parents who have a child attending this district enjoy the quality of teachers, the principal, extracurricular activities, safety, and discipline. The officials of this district encourage parents to get involved and acknowledge it’s a very important aspect for parents to stay tuned into what’s going on with their child’s school and education.

The staff and teachers of the Raquette Lake Union Free School District work right alongside with parents to provide one of the best teaching experiences for pupils. Teachers are very committed to teaching all the students to prepare them for grade advancements while preserving the ethics and cultural environment every parent expects.

Raquette Lake Union Free School District Information

Raquette Lake Union Free School District

115 Route 28

Raquette Lake, NY 13436

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Hamilton County, New York


Serving grades NA

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Superintendent:Peter Hallock
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Note: Data from the 2004-05 school year. It is a requirement that districts report the salaries of the superintendent; the deputy, assistant or associate superintendents; and other administrators or supervisors paid in excess of $113,000.

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Raquette Lake Union Free School District, Hamilton County, New York