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Why Teachers Should Have Classroom Websites

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Everyone is on the internet nowadays. Well, not everyone—but nearly so. At least everyone can have their own space on the internet. With so many websites offering free web pages and blogs, it is possible for anyone to have a home on the web.

This includes your child’s classroom. Each school classroom can have its very own webpage or blog—and it isn’t difficult to do.

Many teachers have already jumped on the technology bandwagon and have developed classroom blogs or websites. These teachers understand how having such a site online can benefit everyone involved with the classroom—including the students, the teacher, and the parents. Classroom websites are great places to post newsletter-type information such as classroom events and needs. They are also an ideal space for posting pictures of what is going on in class or on field trips as well as for posting homework directions and study tips.

But, if your child is in a classroom that doesn’t have a class blog or website, perhaps you can offer to set one up for the teacher. Along with another parent or two, you could form a class website committee. Then, set up and design a simple, easy-to-maintain blog or website for the classroom. Make sure it is done in such a way that the teacher will be able to update it on her own without taking a lot of time—and make sure she knows how to do so.

The best classroom websites and blogs are interactive, meaning that they allow for comments and questions. These sites can be quite beneficial to the teacher because she can get feedback about the classroom.

Everyone benefits from a classroom website, and they don’t have to be complicated. Having a class site means teachers don’t have to send home paperwork—parents can just check the website each evening.

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