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What's The Point of Homework!?!?

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Much to the dismay of children everywhere homework can be very helpful to your child’s education. When used effectively, homework can be a extremely effective way of increasing your child’s ability to succeed academically. Unfortunately, child don’t understand this and really don’t wish to, so getting them to complete their homework and effectively soak up the benefits of it can be an uphill battle.

Everyday teachers try in their best to get students to remember and complete their homework assignments. They have them write down in detail what needs to be done, they allow them to start in class and they punish them for missing assignments. Still the problem remains an issue with a majority of students.

What many people don’t realize is that parents can be the most effective tool that teachers have in getting students to complete their homework. When parents are proactive in checking their children’s assignments and making certain they are completed, students are more likely to be diligent about getting their work done. There are many ways that parents can help make their home be more homework friendly and that may be the key to your child’s educational success. The first thing that needs to be established is where homework will be done. They should have quiet place to work and either a table or desk to work at. They should not be able to listen to the radio or watch TV while they work, this distracts them from the whole point of homework, which is to reinforce the lessons they have learned. Make sure the place they do their homework is free of clutter and has all the tools they may need within reach. If your child keeps having to get up they aren’t effectively studying or using their time.

Establish a schedule for after school activities and have a consistent time when your child sits down to do their homework. Allow your child to complete the homework on their own. You should be near by for questions or assistance, but the whole point of homework is reinforcement of the lesson. If your child needs help consistently contact their teacher for a conference.

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