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What is ESL Education?

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When people think of an ESL education, they may be unsure as to what that completely entails. Many see ESL education as a course that is nothing more than one long English course. Others may see ESL education as course for people who ant to learn English, but do not spend a large amount of time trying to learn it. With all of the uproar about English and the “importance” of knowing how to speak it in this country, ESL has started to become more and more popular. What is ESL, though, and why is it so helpful?

ESL is like a normal class type setting; all of the students in the classroom, however, do not speak English as their first language. Some students may speak English better than others, but most students do not have a full grasp on the English language. While learning English is one o the major concerns and goals of an ESL education, it is not the only aspect.

Students who are going through ESL education are working double time to ensure that they are working on their future in the present. The students not only learn how to speak English, but learn how to go through many of the classes that English speaking students go through; reading, writing, and math are all a part of the curriculum for ESL students who, in the mean time, are learning another language.

An ESL education is a great way for a family who is new to the country to get their child involved in a public school setting without them feeling awkward or unwelcome because of their inability to speak English. All of the students are learning English together, and find support in one another. ESL education is important for those who want to become a part of society and business culture, and feel like taking the extra steps needed.

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