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Ways That You Can Help Out Your Child's School

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Taking an active part in your child’s education doesn’t mean that you necessarily must volunteer your time at your child’s school. Though that certainly is one way to get involved, that is not the only way. There are plenty of ways in which parents can help their child’s school.

Many parents work full-time jobs, so they simply are not available during the school day. Other parents have young toddlers and babies to take care of, so coming in to help out at the school is really not possible. But there are ways for these parents to help their child’s school without being present.

For one, parents can participate in any collection programs that the school takes part in. Many schools collect Box Tops for Education, Tyson A+ Panels, and Campbell’s Labels for Education. Schools can turn in these labels to the companies in exchange for money for the school. All parents can help collect these labels. There are other similar programs, too—ask your child’s school which programs they are involved in and help out.

Parents who work during the day or who are at home with other kids can also possibly help out through the internet. Ask your child’s teacher about helping out with the classroom website, perhaps. Or, maybe you could help set up a penpal exchange with another school through the internet as a classroom project.

Another way parents can help is by offering to help out with supplies and materials. Quite often, teachers end up purchasing classroom supplies and other items with their own money. So, offer to assist in buying some needed items—or, give the teacher a gift card to a store where she can purchase the necessary items.

Busy parents may not be able to come into the school to volunteer, but if they get creative, they can still help out their child’s school.

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