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The Pros and Cons of Private Schooling

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One of the greatest debates in the nation is the continued conversation of public schooling versus private schooling. There are benefits to both of these different schooling systems. Students will miss out on certain things, and gain in certain areas, with both options.

Looking into the pros and cons of private schooling will help you to make a decision about the schooling of your own child. The more that you have thought about this decision, the better the decision you will make.


Private schools often have a wide variety of classes that are designed to get students ready for college courses. Private schools put heavy focus on AP classes and other college preparatory classes. Your child will be better equipped for the rigors of college through a private school.

Private schools also often enforce dress codes and have strict non-bullying policies. Many who want their children to grow up in a more friendly atmosphere choose a private school over a public school for their child.


Private schools are considerably smaller than public schools, which can both help and harm their standing in terms of benefits. Smaller schools are less likely to offer the wide variety of extracurriculars that public schools have simply because they do not have the personnel or the interest. A lack of sports teams is just one of the many examples of the downfalls of the small size of private schools.

The small size of private schools also fails to give students the experience of a larger environment. Students who are in private schools are not used the the class sizes and sheer number of people who will be around a university. While larger public schools do not offer the same student population size as a college, it provides a closer and more accurate example.

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