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The Link Between Diet and Education

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Many parents do their best to make sure their child gets a good meal on the way out the door. The problem is, many parents do not consider the meals at school beyond lunch. The right diet is very important to your child being able to focus on what they are doing and retain the information they are learning. It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure they are receiving the right diet.

Snacks are very important no matter what age a person is. If your child gets hungry in the middle of the school day, they might end up eating something which is high in fat or calories. This is not a good idea because of the way it affects the ability to stay focused on what they are doing. A better idea is for your child to have a healthy snack you sent them to school with. They can enjoy the snack and stay focused on the lessons being taught.

Examples of good snack choices include crackers, granola bars and carrots. Avoid items which are loaded down with high fructose corn syrup as it will only lead to a sugar high from which your child will crash. Foods which have a lot of fiber, protein and carbohydrates provide a snack which will go the distance. Their body will be satiated from the snack until it is time for the next meal.

The problem is most schools have a vending machine of some kind, or there is a store nearby. In order to make sure your child is devouring candy or other snacks which are against their best interests, you need to send them with a snack. This will prevent the temptation to eat something which is not good for them.
While snacks were always something you kept on hand when your child was a baby, as they approach graduation day, it is harder to remember to provide snacks at school. Try to remember how snacks are not only good for their health, it is good to help keep them focused and on target.

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