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The Link Between Breakfast and Better Students

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For years, we have all been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now studies have shown this is especially true for those who participate in learning environments during the course of a day. These many benefits of breakfast are why it is so important to be sure your child eats breakfast every day before going to school.

Children who eat breakfast prior to going to school have been shown to suffer less from childhood obesity than those children who do not eat breakfast regularly. This is because when breakfast is consumed it set a child's blood sugar levels for the day and curbs smacking throughout the day.

Offering healthy breakfast to children attending schools for disruptive and emotionally challenged students has been found to curb destructive behavior. Children and teenagers are still developing their brains and they do not yet fully possess the ability to make well thought out behavioral decisions quickly. Eating breakfast helps them to focus better thus assisting them in making better behavioral decisions.

Eating breakfast can help to affect the mood of a child. Children who consume breakfast regularly have been shown to more confident. This confidence can make them more prone to participating in class and ask question about anything they may not have a full understating of.

Since a healthy breakfast makes children more focused they are able to pay more attention ion class. This focus also helps them to retain information they are learning and it helps them in with problem solving skills. When children are able to apply what they have learned by thinking through questions and problem solving situations it makes what they have learned part of their daily skill set.

Making time to eat breakfast with your child can be beneficial because of other effects this activity can have. When children eat a sit down meal with their parents they communicate better and more openly with them. The children are also better able to focus and retain what the parents are saying. Children who eat meals with their parents not only have better communication and grade but they are less likely to participate in self destructive activities with their peers.

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