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The Importance of Speech in Educational Development

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Speech development is an important part of learning. When a person learns to speak correctly at an early age they are more likely to more easily comprehend reading, writing and less related topics like math and science. There are many ways that you as a parent can help your child develop proper speech patterns and language skills. Concentrating on these things at home creates a good foundation for early childhood education.

Learning to speak is a relatively organic process, children hear their parents communicating with them and others and absorb this speech through observation. Learning to speak and understanding language is an essential part of brain development. Through interaction, prompting, labeling and even reading parents can help their children develop a stronger and more advanced vocabulary.

Talking to your children and making them a part of your conversations is the first step in language development. Making them aware vocally of even the most simple things can be a substantial part of their speech development. It is important that you don’t purposely use simple words, children have the capability to learn complex words and phrases if they hear them repeatedly used in context.

Reading is one of the oldest and most effective ways for children to increase their vocabulary. Setting aside a time each day to read to and with your children can significantly increase their speech development. Pick age appropriate stories, engage them with questions and let them try reading when they want to.
Play interactive games like show and tell at home. These games have your children using descriptive words more frequently and also help the with speaking aloud in front of other. They also help feed a child’s creativity.

Practicing speech exercises at home and helping your child extend and build their vocabulary can be extremely beneficial. Often this gives them the right tools they need to begin school. Additionally, continuing to work with them throughout their childhood can help them develop a stronger comprehension of a wide variety of subjects.

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