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The Importance of School Bus Safety

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When your child takes a school bus each day to school it is important to ensure they conduct themselves properly. If your child is misbehaving it may not only create a safety hazard, but it can also lead to the removal of their bus privileges. Reminding your child of the rules and making certain that they understand the consequences of bad school bus behavior is essential to their safety and future right to rid the bus to school.

The first thing you need to make your child understand is that the bus driver is in charge of them while they are on the bus. They must understand that you expect them to respect the bus driver and comply with any rules that the bus driver sets fourth. they must also understand that the bus driver needs to be able to concentrate on driving the bus, and the less the bus driver is distracted the more they will be able to do that.

Explain to your child the importance of staying seated in their seat and not getting up until the bus has stopped moving. Standing in your seat, getting up before the bus has stopped or moving around from seat to seat are all dangerous. This is not only distracting to the driver, but it can lead to injury of your child as well. Your children should also be encourage to keep their voices down while on the bus. They don’t have to be altogether silent, but they should try to talk quietly with the person in which they are seated. Shouting is very distracting to the driver of the bus and even talking in normal tone can lead big noise when every child on the bus is doing it.

Explaining the importance of common courtesy and respect to the driver ensures your child’s safety and can save you a big headache when you have to drive them to school because they have been kicked off of the bus.

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