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The Importance of Parent-Teacher Communications

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The information age has certainly affected how parents and teachers communicate. Many years ago, the only means of communication between teachers and parents involved written notes sent back and forth and parent-teacher conferences. Sometimes phone calls were made, but those only happened if absolutely necessary—after all, people didn’t have cell phones so it wasn’t as simple to reach someone by phone.

Now, though, parents and teachers are free to communicate in a much wider variety of ways. This has helped to keep parents more informed about the goings-on in the classroom as well as specific behavior or grade issues for a particular child. Also, parents can contact the teacher with questions or concerns about any situations at school or about how they can help their child study, for example.
Of course, written notes are still sent back and forth—this is still a simple and quick method of communication used by many. And, parent-teacher conferences are still held because it is still helpful for teachers and parents to meet and discuss some issues in person now and then.

But now, email is often used by many teachers and parents. This is sometimes used by teachers to send out classroom newsletters, for example. Also, phone calls between teachers and parents are much more common nowadays. This is because many more people have cell phones and it is a lot easier to reach people by phone now. Also, many people prefer to use cell phones for communication because it is quicker to deal with an issue by phone rather than by email or by a written note.

Improved methods of communication between parents and teachers have helped to get parents more involved in their children’s education. Parents are now more informed about how their kids are doing and are better able to help their kids with their schooling.

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