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The Importance of High School in New York

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There is no doubt in the minds of millions of Americans that high school is the most important level of basic education. High school is the path toward real life and the rest of the world. There are times, unfortunately, when students feel as if high school is something that they do not need. Whether they are purposefully skipping school, or are just under performing due to lack of interest, they can be ruining their high school experience which could in turn make their future incredibly hard. High school has a huge effect, which can explain the fight between students who want to drop out, and those who want to keep them in. Why do they try to keep them in?

High school gives students the final classes that they need; general education is considered important, and it is incredibly important for those who wish to go to college. When colleges look at applications to determine who gets in, they look at multiple aspects of high school. The colleges look at the GPA of a student in high school to understand their level of effort. Colleges look at the students class load to understand the type of classes that they’re taking. The colleges look at general test scores (such as the ACT or SAT) to understand their level of education. High school is incredibly important in taking that next step toward the future, such as a college or technical schooling.

Because the high school diploma is not as strong as it used to be, getting the high school diploma itself is now more important than ever; without having it, someone cannot get into college, which leads to many opportunities in the future. This is why the high school diploma is so important for education today.

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