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The Importance of a Full Education

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It’s seen in older movies, and more current movies that are set farther back in time. It’s seen in the older generations, who give advice to those around them on a constant basis. Before a college degree became a regular and convenient part of an education, adults considered a high school diploma the highest form of education that they would need. Many adults failed to finish high school; adults would consider themselves to have a “fifth grade” or a “tenth grade” education. While this is generally unheard of for younger generations, it was quite normal for older people. One of the few good purposes of this, however, is to stress the importance of receiving a full education, even if it does not include a college education.

An education is an interesting and complex situation. While a high school degree used to be enough to get someone into any job that they could want, it no longer holds that type of clout. While a “10th grade education” used to be enough to hold a decent job, anything less than a high school degree can barely get you anything. This is why it is so incredibly important to receive a full education; to get into a college, you must have completed high school (or received your GED). If you’ve yet to finish those, you cannot continue education, and may not be able to get the jobs that you wish you could.

Having a full education is all about getting as far as you need to have the job, and life style, that you want to have. Not having enough of an education can prevent you from getting even the most basic jobs. This is why it is important to make sure you get a complete education by going through high school (or getting your GED).

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