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The Fun Of School Fairs

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If your school has never had a carnival or fair before getting one started and planning it successfully can be difficult. There is a lot to plan and the task can easily become overwhelming even to the most organized individual. Knowing what components are needed to successfully host your school fair, will help you delegate responsibilities and see the planning through until the first day of the fair opening.

The first component you need to consider is fair activities. Games can be purchased inexpensively and reused each year on many party supply websites. The games are important because people will pay for tickets to play and you will earn money for your school through those ticket sales. You may also want to consider putting out the money to rent and inflatable slide or moon bounce. Typically, if you price your tickets right and charge an adequate amount of tickets for each game or attraction and item like this will easily pay for itself within the first day of the fair.

Next you need to think prizes for the games. the best thing to do is buy candy and favors from a party supply store or website in bulk. The kids can earn tickets at each game and turn them in at the end of the fair for candy and prizes. The candy and favor idea makes it simple to locate and select prizes that children of all ages will enjoy.

Food is important to not only the profit of your fair, but to the overall success as well. Typically hot dogs and pizza are best. Most pizza places will give out a good deal for the pizzas because you will be buying so many and then you can sell each slice for profit. Then you can sell cans of juice and soda and keep them cold in a cooler. Don’t forget to enlist the help of parents and staff to volunteer.

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