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The Case For School Uniforms

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There is one school debate that will always have people on each side—the school uniform debate. Some people are in favor of uniforms for students, some are against uniforms. And each person has his own reasons.

And there will likely always be schools favoring one side of this debate or the other. Some districts will require uniforms for all students—and, many of these districts have had this rule in place for several years. Other districts will not ever choose to force students into wearing uniform clothing.
Regardless, though, students will always be individuals. Students attending schools in which they can wear ‘street’ clothes can, of course, show off their personalities through their clothing. Shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, and anything else they choose to wear can demonstrate the students’ uniqueness. But students in uniform-required schools still find ways to express their individualism.

Students will often scrutinize the dress code rules and push them to their absolute limits, for example. If girls are allowed to wear ponytails or braids, some girls may choose to wear as many ponytails or braids as they can fit on their heads. Or, if students are permitted to wear earrings, some students—boys and girls—may opt to wear a half dozen pairs of incredibly wild earrings.

Generally, as students push the limits of the rules to express themselves, the uniform rules are amended. For instance, in the case of the earrings above, the dress code might be changed to say that one pair of earrings is permitted instead of simply saying that earrings are permitted.

But, students can be amazingly creative, and they will be constantly looking for more loopholes in the uniform rules. School administrators simply won’t be able to keep up with all of the ways that students find to show off their personalities—nor should they, really. A little individualism can be a good thing in a sea of uniforms.

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