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The Benefits of Public Schooling

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While private schools often receive a major amount of attention, due to the fact that they are paid for and expensive, public schooling has been pushed to the way-side. Public schooling has managed to get a bad rap over the years thanks to the issues that those who favor private schooling see, many public education systems are incredibly beneficial to the students who attend them.

Public schools offer a free alternative to those who may not be able to afford a private schooling setting. While private schools may be smaller, many public schools are of small size. Many public schools manage to have small class sizes, even with a large amount of students attending that school. While some public schools do have a rough time with class size and the like, many have fine classroom sizes that are conducive to learning.

Public schooling can also offer college preparatory classes that can help students get used to college type work loads, along with the possibility of college credits through AP testing. These types of classes can really challenge students and increase their learning ability and depth of knowledge. Some believe that this knowledge is only available at a private school; this is, however, incredibly untrue. There are public schools out there that offer private school level classes and courses that can prepare students for college.

While public schooling may have received an unnecessary bad rap because of the rise of private schooling, it can still hold it’s own in terms of education and preparation. The teachers can be as good; the classes and facilities can also be as good as a private school A public school education can be as good, if not better, as a private school education and can be incredibly beneficial for a student’s education.

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