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Teachers In New York

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Having a first class teaching staff is an essential element in creating and maintaining an excellent school district. New York Schools, like the rest of the country has experienced a rapid decline in its teachers in the past several years. New York has the largest school system in the nation and they recognized the problems a lack of qualified teachers could create for their education system and decided to do something about it.

The city was at a shortage for teachers certified in math, science and special education. To help increase the number of qualified teachers in their system they began to offer mortgage down payment assistance to teachers moving to the area for work. They also began offering educational assistance to professionals without a teaching degree that may consider returning for one and working for the school system. The incentives worked, because the number of teachers rapidly increased after the incentives were offered.

There are many things that have contributed to the need for New York City to offer hiring incentives to its teachers. Often they leave for larger salaries in the business sector or more professional opportunities. With the economy being the way it is today the possibility of an increased salary is often to tempting for many to resist.It is important that districts acknowledge these concerns are work hard to maintain teachers and higher new ones when needed. Keeping the teachers happy is what keeps a school system functioning and students learning. New York has fortunately realized that and taken drastic steps to ensure they are adequately staffed with qualified teachers. Although, there can still be a turn around of teachers coming and going it is important to make certain that classrooms are adequately numbered from teacher to student and that all educational goals are being achieved.

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