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Supporting Your Child Before and After a Test

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It is hard to ignore the importance of a test in a child's life, whether it be in middle school or toward the end of high school. These tests often factor into their grades in a large way, making or breaking their semester in school.

Parents needs to work to prepare their students for a test in a way that textbooks and professors cannot. While it is important that you keep track of your study habits, you should support them in other ways as they prepare for a test.

Breaks at Night

Parents often push their kids to study as much as possible. They ask their children why they are not studying, even though they have just completed 4 hours of work. As a parent, you should understand the importance of taking breaks to allow the mind to refresh. Offer up snack breaks or talking breaks at night to help clear your child’s mind before a test.

A Calm Study Area

We often need calm, clean study areas to get in our best studying. Try to prepare this area for your child outside of their bedroom. Clean up a home office or give them a guest room that they can do work in. This will make their studying more efficient.

A Strong Breakfast

A hearty, healthy breakfast is a good way to get the mind going early and to keep energy during the day. Give your child a special breakfast the morning of a test to give them the extra boost and support that they need.

A Reward

Take note of your child's hard work after their test. Before they even get the test grade, take them out for some coffee or out to a movie. Small rewards will help to relieve the stress that your child has just gone through and is a great way to show your support.

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