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Studying Tips for Your Child

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We push our children and our students to learn, and try to get them to study as much as possible. We know the importance of studying and want to get our children on the path to educational success through this studying.

It is important for us to sit back and think about our own experiences with studying. Most people did not exercise strong study habits right away - they gained their knowledge from failure or from a helping hand. Today's students need a helping hand to learn the right way to approach their study sessions. These tips are tips that you can pass along to your child in an effort to get them to study efficiently and correctly.

Effective Note Taking

If a child cannot take good notes, they simply cannot study well. A student needs to rely on the notes that they have taken, as they are the gateway to all of the information that they need to retain. Tell your child to take strong notes and teach them about abbreviations - if they try to spell out each word, they'll miss half of what they should learn.

Re-Writing Notes

One of the strongest study habits to perform is to re-write the notes. Have your child re-write the notes that they have taken in class. This time, they should write out full words instead of using abbreviations. This forces them to go over the lecture once again, and helps them to retain information without further repetition.

Flash Cards and Associations

Flash cards continue to be an important tool for students who are trying to retain information. Encourage your child to use flash cards and encourage them to make associations with each answer. A funny joke or anecdote, or a simple word association, can help them to recall the answer when they see the question on a test.

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