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Skills That Children Need For First Grade

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First grade is an important year in your child’s education. this is the year when many of the foundations of what they will be learning through the rest of their education will be taught. Knowing what your child should have learned by the conclusion of their second grade year can help you help them meet those expectations. The general skills that first grade students are expected to master by the conclusion of the school year are in the subjects of math and language.

Math Children learn a variety of new math skills during their first grade year and many of those skills are an introduction to skills they will build later. Children should be able to count by ones, twos and tens at the conclusion of first grade. They should also be able to count coins and identify their values. First grade students are also expected to learn basic addition, basic subtraction, place value, simple fraction identification, graphing, measuring, simple pattern use and construction, and basic word problems. They should also be able to somewhat tell time and have the ability to compare to different numbers.

Language Students at this age are really beginning to dive into their language skills. They will learn about beginning and ending consonants, vowels, vowel blends, silent E, syllabication, word endings, contractions, plurals, opposites and spelling. Children will also learn how to write a sentence, rhyme, sequence, capitalize and punctuate, they will learn sight words, vocabulary and phonics.

The are basically learning the proper foundation for reading and writing at more complex levels. Naturally, some children may have already mastered many of these skills prior to first grade. These are just loose guideline of what topics they should have some familiarity with by the completion of the first grade school year.

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