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School Uniforms: Yay or Nay?

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School uniforms are a hotly debated topic among parents of school-age children. Some schools and school districts require them, some don’t. There are also school districts in which students in certain grades are told to wear uniforms whereas other students are not. Regardless, parents are in an uproar over the issue, and there are several key reasons.

First of all, many parents speak on the cost factor involved in requiring school uniforms. Depending upon the uniforms chosen by your child’s school or district, uniforms can be quite expensive. After all, it is necessary to have at least a few of each item; otherwise, parents would be doing laundry every night and the garments would quickly wear thin.

People in favor of uniforms point out that parents have to purchase clothing for school anyway, so, why not purchase uniforms? Well, the short answer to this is that many parents have learned to shop rather skillfully and can spot a discount, bargain, or clearance item on a sales rack from a mile away. Uniform clothing pieces do not really go on sale, unfortunately—and you are really unlikely to find any on a clearance rack.

Another problem many people have with school uniforms is that they do not allow for any type of originality. Those in favor of uniforms disagree, stating that children are free to add a piece or two of small jewelry, a watch, and bag (or backpack). But, the fact remains that children who are not wearing them do have a wider array of choices through which they can express themselves.
No matter what your school district has decided, there will be some unhappy parents. There is no way everyone can be pleased, so the school board simply has to make whatever decision they feel is best for the students.

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