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School Tardiness and Absences Can Make a Child Fall Behind

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Parents want what is best for their child—that goes without saying. But oftentimes, parents seem to underestimate the importance of getting their children to school on time. And school attendance is definitely in a child’s best interest.

Yes, of course it is better to bring your child to school tardy than to not bring him at all. But, lateness is not beneficial for your child. This is because classroom work starts at the moment the bell rings, and if your child isn’t there, he will miss what may be important information. He may miss learning something new and he will have to catch up later.

Of course, occasional tardiness is not the end of the world. Nor is the occasional day away from school. Neither of these will cause your child to miss so much information that it would be impossible for him to catch up. But, repeated tardiness and absences can make your child fall behind.
Consider the early grades, when learning to read is one of the most important subjects.

If your child were to miss a great deal of classroom time, he would likely start to fall behind in reading skills.

This could affect his work in other subject areas because nearly every other subject involves some reading skills. This isn’t what any parent would want for his child.
Much of the time, tardiness and absences may not be the fault of the child, at least in the elementary grades. After all, young children may be able to get up and get ready for school—but, they cannot drive themselves to school.

So, parents need to take charge and understand how important it is for kids in every grade to go to school every day. Being absent and tardy is acceptable if absolutely necessary, but it should be avoided whenever possible.

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