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School Preparation Tips

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Children love getting ready for school almost as much as they love getting out for summer break. Some school districts hand out the supply list before they start the year and others don’t. When you don’t have a list to get you started on your child’s school shopping, you can still get started with the basics.

Backpack Naturally, your child will need a backpack to get started. If the one they had used the prior year is no longer usable or they just don’t want to use it, you will need to get a new one. Consider purchasing a rolling bag for smaller children who may have difficulty carrying a heavier bag.

Lunch Box You will also need to get a lunch box if your child brings their lunch from home to school. Sometimes, you can reuse the one they used the prior year, but often they get beat up, stained and even moldy. Check out their old lunch box and replace it if necessary.

Clothing Kids don’t usually need new clothes to start the year, but they usually want them. Just make sure that they at least have a fresh pair of sneakers for gym and enough uniforms to get them through a week if uniforms are required.

Supplies If you don’t have the specific supply list for your child yet, there are still certain supplies that are always requested. You will need number two pencils and it is always good to have extras at home for homework. Kids in elementary school usually need glue and scissors. Those are also good to have extras of at home for homework. Elementary school kids usually need markers and crayons as well.

Getting a few things ahead of time will help you to avoid the lines the day school starts. Any extras that you have you can keep for homework or mid year replacements.

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