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Rewarding Your Child For Good Grades

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It is important for parents to push their children to be as successful as they can be in the classroom. We want our students to do well because we want them to get into good colleges and to be able to do what they want to do with life.

While there is much emphasis on pushing students to do their best, there is little emphasis on rewarding them when they do well. We expect them to do well, and rarely offer encouragement when they do what we expect them to do.

Rewarding your child for good test grades and good overall grades can offer a positive incentive. Your child will be more likely to focus in on a class that they struggle with or dislike when they know there is a reward.

Rewards for Tests

It is important to reward your child for doing well on a test, as these tests are crucial to their overall success in the class. Offer to take your child to a movie or to pay for them to go to the movies with a friend. Take them out to coffee or give them a small boost in their allowance for a week. Even the smallest rewards will help to brighten your child’s day and show them the importance of doing well in school.

Rewards for Grades

Some parents choose to give money to their children based on the amount of A's that they get on their report card. Others will give their children a week off of their chores for every A that they get. It is up to the parent to decide on a reward that they can afford and that their children will enjoy.

Rewards offer positive reinforcement for a job well done. Your child is more likely to continue to study hard and to apply themselves in school if you give them an incentive to do so.

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