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Retaining What Your Child Has Learned Over Summer Vacation

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For most students part of the fun of the extended summer vacation from school is that they do not have to go to school. While it is important for students to have a break to avoid burn out, it also important for them to retrain what they have learned from the previous school year to be applied the following year.

Taking steps to ensure your child retains what they worked so hard to learn during the school year can be beneficial in many ways. To begin this is one of the best steps a parent can take to ensure the future academic success of their child. Taking steps to ensure knowledge retention can also provide your child with activities during times when they may become bored during summer vacation.

During the school year make a brief summary of what your child's lessons have been in different subjects throughout the year. During the summer you can go to the local library and check out books which correspond to these lessons and d are written for the age level of your child.

Having your child read from these books an hour per day can help them to retain the knowledge they have gained. It also allows them to put the knowledge they have learned to use if you engage them in discussion about what they have read after wards.

Children who read during their summer vacations have been shown to receive many benefits from this activity. Children who read have larger vocabularies, better reading and writing skills then their children who do not read regularly. Reading children also have been shown to score higher on test during the school year.

Having activities for your child is great idea during the summer time so they do not become bored. Organizing your own educational field trips during the summer months can also assist your child in retaining what they have learned. You can plan trips to educational museums or even factories which provided guided educational tours.

Taking your child on your own field trips can foster an excitement and love of learning in your child. It can also help you to bond and have better communication with your child since you are participating in these events together.

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