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Report Card Time

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Every parent dreads the day their child brings home a bad report card, but it happens to most parents at some point. It is important that you properly address and deal with a bad report card to ensure that your child is able and motivated to improve their grades during the next term.

Effectively doing this requires several different elements and knowing those elements is the key to helping your child improve their grades.

The absolute first thing parents should do when their child brings home a bad report card, is to schedule a meeting with their child’s teacher. You want to work with your child’s teacher to determine what the cause of the low grade was and how you can help your child to improve that grade. Ask the teacher for their suggestions on working with your child, so you know you are helping your child meet that teachers expectations.

If it is determined that your child is having a learning problem you need to make certain that it is addressed immediately. Speak with your child’s teacher about whether or not your child needs extra help at school or if you should employ the services of a tutor to help your child get back on track. Get the ball rolling on any recommended changes right away.

Children that are having motivational and effort issues should be given restrictions right away. They need to know that when they are doing poorly in school because of their lack of trying, they will be forced to spend more time focusing on studies to compensate for that. Restrict their after school activities and be more vigilant about checking their school and homework until their grades get better. Make them aware of the fact that when their grades improve, privileges will be restored to them.

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