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Public Education vs. Private Education II

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One of the greatest arguments in terms of education in America is the ever growing and ever-going argument about which type of education is better: public or private? Because there are many students who have failed to go through both types of education, the debate rages on between parents on both sides of the fence who fail to see any flaws in their own form of education, or any positives in the other.

Private education offers some benefits that public education does not provide; because the students pay to attend, they may have nicer facilities and better teachers (this is not always the case, however). Because of this money, they may be able to have more college prep courses as well, which may better prepare students for a college school atmosphere. Private education can also offer religion, which is something that public schools can not integrate with their schooling.

Public education may have the same benefits as a private school, however. New facilities, great teachers, and college prep courses may be a part of a public education. This all depends on the state and the town, but many public schools offer programs that could rival some of the nation’s private programs. While religion and prayer is not something that can be integrated into the every day aspect of a public schooling system, the larger social setting allows for a more diversified student body, leading to greater culture awareness.

Both private schooling and public schooling have their positive and negative aspects. What is important to realize, however, is that both can be satisfactory, and that it really is about the parents and the student, and what form of education is best for them to reach their highest potential.

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