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Preparing Your Child for the SAT or ACT

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The SAT and ACT are the two most important tests that your child will face in high school. These tests are the tests that will help them to get into the college that they want to get into. If their test scores are too low, they will struggle to be recognized by their dream colleges.

There are a few different things that parents can do in an attempt to help their child to prepare for the SAT or ACT. Taking a few extra steps to help your child can help them to raise their score.


The PSAT and PACT are two different tests that your child can take before they take the actual tests themselves. These tests mimic the real test to give your child a better understanding of what their testing experience will be like. These tests are generally offered to high school students in their freshman and sophomore years of college, and are often administered by the schools themselves.

Test Preparation Courses

If you want your child to succeed and score well, you should get them involved in test preparation courses. These SAT and ACT test preparation courses offer programs that last a few weeks. These courses go over the basics of the tests and help to refresh your child’s memory on topics they may not have covered for years but will find on the test.

Pre-Test Planning

When you know the date of your child's SAT or ACT test, plan ahead. Be sure that they get plenty of sleep and rest before the test, and make sure that they have a good breakfast the morning of their test. A good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast are two of the many recommendations that these test companies make to students who will be taking the exam.

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