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Preparing Your Child For Life At the Middle School Level

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Transitioning to a new level of school can be very overwhelming to many children Particularly when children transition to middle school, because they are at that awkward adolescent age when many children feel very insecure. As a parent there are many things that you can do to help ease the transition to middle school and make it an exciting time.

Usually, the middle school your child is attending will be larger then the school they are used to, and that in itself can be intimidating. Naturally, they may not admit to you they are nervous, but generally they are. Take a ride over to the school with them ahead of time so that you can get a look around and they can check out the building. You may also call the school and see if they host a tour or orientation for new students. See if you can find out what their supply list is ahead of time and have them all ready on the first day. The more prepared they feel, the more confident they will be on their first day switching from class to class.

Start on their very first day of school checking their organizer and making sure they are completing homework. It can be a big transition having multiple teachers and sometimes children need help the first couple of months getting adjusted to the new responsibility. If your child’s school offers grade tracking online, make sure you keep updated regularly so you know if they are falling behind. If you notice your child struggling in a class, make sure you hire extra help or contact their teacher about staying after school to catch up immediately. It is important to take care of these things right away, so they don’t manifest throughout the year.

If your child seems to be doing exceptionally well and you feel they may benefit from being moved to a more challenging level, contact their counselor to ask about honors courses. adolescent

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