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Preparing For An Oral Report

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When your child has to give their first oral report it can be both exciting and scary for them. Public speaking is one of the most recognized fears and getting over that hurdle is difficulty for many people. Helping your child properly prepare an oral report is the key to making their first experience with public speaking a positive one. There are a few guidelines that you can use as a parent to assist your child in creating a great oral report and then giving them the confidence to deliver it well. First, you should help your child understand the primary goal or purpose of the oral report. This will help your child organize an outline in which to prepare their report. Next, find out who they will be delivering the report to. That will help them develop an overall tone of the report and write the report with the target audience in mind.

The next and most important step is to research the topic in which the report will be on. Knowing what they are talking about is the key to a good oral report. After they have gathered all the needed information to prepare the report, they need to organize the information and prepare the speech. Have them put facts and note cards in chronological order and start with an outline of what they want to say.

After they have prepared their outline, they need to commit the speech to memory. They should read it over several times on their own out loud. Once they feel confidant enough, they should then practice the oral report in front of their family several times so they can get feed back develop a comfort level. Finally, have them practice in front of someone else like a neighbor or coworker. This should all help to increase their confidence and comfort level resulting in a better report.

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