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Although New York has an excellent public school system many parents opt to send their children to one of the many private schools the state has to offer. For many people there is a certain anxiety when it comes to visiting these schools and making an impression. It can be difficult to get an available slot in many of these schools and you are often left waiting and wondering as to whether or not your child will be accepted. There are several things that you can do to ensure that your next visit to check out a private school of interest to you goes smoothly and that you get the acceptance letter you are hoping for.

Plan your visit carefully. Always call ahead of time, because private schools generally only do school tours by appointment. Prepare your own questions ahead of time. Make a list of things that you want to see at the school. The more organized and efficient that you seem the more likely that the staff will be impressed with your child and family. Additionally, make sure you are up early the day of the tour, eat so you are not hungry if you have to wait and arrive to the meeting early so you look punctual, but only by about 15 minutes so you don’t look desperate.

Make sure that you are dressed for success. Have you child wear something youthful, yet conservative and you as the parent should dress in age appropriate business casual attire.

Make sure that you and your children act appropriately and use proper language and manners. Act enthusiastic when appropriate and point out things that impress you with reasonable compliments. Make sure you complete the entire tour whether you are interested in the school or not. These schools are very interconnected and word gets around. Cutting a tour short would be poor form.

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