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New York Grade School Gifted and Talented Program

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Any parent who has a child who is advanced and shows early signs of being academically gifted wants to build upon these abilities. The New York Grade School level Gifted and Talented Program designed for these students offers special focus on developing these students’ abilities.

The Gifted and Talented Program offers places children who have net the Gifted and Talented test criteria in a classroom together to be taught during the school day. In these classroom environments they receive instruction geared to their level of ability in all subjects being taught. This provides the proper environment for them to develop their skills and abilities.

The teachers who provide instruction for Gifted and Talented students provide them with opportunities to enrich their knowledge and learning abilities. This is done through accelerated instruction for the curriculum they teach.

Testing to enter the Gifted and Talented program is available for students from Pre-Kindergarten through the Second grade level who reside in New York City. The testing identifies the students who score at 90 percentile or higher are qualified to participate in district wide G&T programs. If these students score in the 97 percentile and higher, they are eligible to participate in the district and citywide G&T programs.

Parents who want to have their child tested and possible enter into a New York City district or citywide G&T program must first submit a Request for Testing form. These forms can be obtained online at the New York schools website. After this form has been completed it must be submitted to the child's DOE public school or to the Local Borough Enrollment Office.

All New York City public schools sent out notices to parents informing them of the dates for when Gifted and Talented testing will be conducted. Parents with children not currently enrolled in New York public schools can sign up for emails with list of the resting dates and sites for their children. Typically these tests are conducting on various dates from October through January of a given school year.

Sample test and additional G&T test information can be found at the New York schools website. This gives parents a chance to prepare their child for the test prior to taking it. These resources can also answer several questions parents may have prior to having their child take this test.

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