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Netbooks in the Classroom

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Computers are becoming more and more commonplace. Some children are even using netbooks in the classroom. If your child is in a school which requires or allows a laptop to be used, the netbook is a great tool. It will allow your child the ability to take notes and to access the homework they completed the night before.

If you are worried about your child accessing the internet at school, you can set up the netbook strictly as a school device. This includes turning off or removing the card which allows wireless internet access. This may not be a good idea if they need to access the internet while in the classroom as a part of the lesson they are learning.

Setting up the netbook as a tool to only be used at school includes making sure there are no games accessible on the computer. This is not a violation of the rights of your child because the netbook is not a toy for your child. They need to view the netbook as something which is only used at school and for completing projects or other schoolwork. It is not something to be used for social networking or other things they would normally use a computer for.

The benefit of using a netbook over a regular laptop is the size. Your child can easily fit the computer into their backpack along with the rest of the books. The memory is often the same size as the full sized computers. The lack of a disk drive can be overcome with an external disk drive or through the use of another computer.

The next time you are considering a computer for your student, make sure you consider buying them one of the many netbooks offered. This will allow them to get more done in more places. Set up boundaries which are realistic for the computer in order to make sure they understand what is appropriate to do with the computer and why.

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