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Mixed-Gender Education Environments

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The education of boys and girls in same school,colleges or universities, is a modern concept and it has proven to cause many changes in education. Supporters of the coeducation system prefer it mainly because of economic and social reasons. One of the primary reasons that schools began to become coed was due to the increased expense of maintaining to separate schools or classes. This means that countries, cities and towns that make their schools separate are forced to pay for more teachers and more building space than that of a coed school. Many people also felt that boys and girls learning to exist with each on a daily basis was an important part of their social development. Naturally, opponents of coed education feel that girls and boys being taught together only increases their distraction level. The level of distraction that students may experience from being in class with the opposite sex does not typically come into play until they are older. Younger children are not as concerned with the boy or girl that sits next to them, other than the fact that may think they are gross. Once children reach high school age hormones are raging and there may be something to be said for separate learning environments. When you take impressing the opposite sex out of the equation students may be able to focus more closely on their school work than they would have if they were in a coed school. There are many students, who maintain their social connections and still are able to concentrate in a coed school, it really just depends on the individual child. Some children are more focused and determined than other children and that is probably the determining factor in whether or a not a child would benefit from a girls or boys only education.

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