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Meeting the Needs of Children Requiring Special Education

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New York City schools have made several efforts to meet the needs of special education students in their school districts. These programs have been developed to meet the needs of students who have learning and other disabilities. These programs are offered in both individualized and group instruction formats led by specially trained educators.

The New York City school systems offer special educational service at no cost to the parent of the students which require and use them. These programs are paid for through funds given to school system by the government for these purposes.

The first step in the special education process is a student who shows signs of disabilities being referred the Committee in Special Education or the Committee on Preschool Special Education. This is done so these committees can evaluate the student's abilities. The evaluation helps the committee determine if there is a need for them to be enrolled in a special education program.

Students who are considered to be eligible for special education services have an appropriate IEP, or Individualized Education Program, developed for them. The committee which evaluates the students’ abilities is who developed the IEP. The committee used the information they gathered from their evaluation in their development of the correct IEP for the student.

Students who are placed in the New York schools special education program are put in a LRE, Least Restrictive Environment. These environments include classes which are separate from regular classes in traditional schools. It can also include placement in special schools which are equipped to meet the needs of the students’ disabilities.

If your child has been determined to be in need of special education you have an important role in ensuring your child's success in these programs. Be sure to meet with the educators who be teaching your child and working with them daily. This will give you a chance to be fully informed about your child's education. It also gives you a chance to convey information to these educators your student may be unable to.

Being informed of the entire special education process can help you guide your child through it with minimal anxiety and ensure suture success. This is because you will be able to communicate with your child and keep them informed. Doing this will allow to answer any questions and address any fears your child may have.

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