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Make Long Island Your Next Travel Destination

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Are you planning a vacation? Looking for a place where there are a lot of fun and unique things to do? If you live in or near New York, you do not have to go very far. If you are from abroad, it's time to add another destination to your vacation list; that place is Long Island! Never heard of the place before? Don't worry! There definitely is a lot of things to do in Long Island that will keep you thrilled and occupied throughout your vacation.

Long Island is located at the southern tip of New York. The island is around 118 miles in length, but is only 20 miles wide. The island's strategic location of being surrounded by water yet near one of the most progressive cities in the world makes it a melting pot of sights to see, events to be experienced and exciting things to do. It's lengthy yet thin area makes hopping from one of the island's fun sites to another very easy; allowing you to enjoy what the island has to offer, even if you stay only for a short time.

If there is one thing that should go on the top of your "Things to do in Long Island" list, it has to be spending a day on one of its beaches. Long Island has a number of white sand beaches that occupy its shore line. There you can enjoy water sports like surfing, wake boarding and scuba diving. You can also go horseback riding at Jones Beach State Park, or simply just chill by the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

If fishing is your thing, Long Island is the place for you. It is probably the best place to fish in the whole state of New York. Montauk Point and Orient Point are two of the best spots where you can enjoy the sport, and it offers a wide range of fish to catch – from bass all the way up to sharks – which should keep most fishing lovers thoroughly entertained.

Love golf? Then you would surely love Long Island! A number of world class golf courses can be found here, including Bay Park Golf Club and Bergen Point Golf Course. Think you are good enough for the PGA? Gauge your skills at Bethpage State Park's Black course, where a number of top PGA players have tested their mettle.

Are you a food lover? You will definitely not be disappointed with the culinary tastes that Long Island has to offer. There are a lot of shore-side and inland restaurants for you to choose from and can offer a wide variety of treats – from seafood to burgers – that all food lovers will really love; couple that with the great wine that Long Island wineries produce and you will have a dining experience that food connoisseurs will surely remember.

Despite the many things that were mentioned, there are still a lot more things to do in Long Island! This place will surely give you a lot of fun, adventure, and experiences that you will never forget!

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