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Make A Homework Plan For Your Child

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Homework is an essential part of education. No matter which school your child attends, he is certain to have homework sometimes starting as early as kindergarten. So, it is essential that parents are prepared for this and that parents have specific rules put in place for how the assignments are to be completed.

Perhaps this sounds rather severe—especially for kindergarteners. And maybe it is—but, the sooner parents implement a homework routine, the easier it will be to deal with the weekly or daily assignments. If there is an expected routine, there will be no arguments about when homework is to be done.

So, it is best to start with a routine with the very first homework that your child brings home. But, if you have not done this and your child has been in school for a few grades (or longer) it is still not too late—simply be firm with your child and state that you are starting a new routine immediately, and be meticulous about following it, no exceptions. Soon enough the homework schedule will become second nature.

The exact routine you design will depend upon your family, of course. But, there are a few basics that you need to address. First of all, choose a specific time when assignments are to be done each day. This can be immediately after school, right after dinner, or any other time you choose. You also need to choose a place in which the homework is to be completed. Perhaps you have a desk at which your child can sit, or maybe he can sit at the kitchen table.

Finally, you need to have a plan for what your child should do if he needs assistance and what he should do when he is finished. Should he go online for help, for example, or ask a parent? And, you likely want him to show you his completed assignments.

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