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Instilling Time Management at an Early Age

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Time management is a skill some parents believe is to be taught to older students. Waiting to instill the importance of proper time management until a child is older can be difficult. This is why it is important to start teaching time management and doing it the right way at an early age.

When children are preschool age you can start engaging them in discussions about the importance of management of time and the effects it has. By having discussion which is age appropriate about time management a child has early awareness of these issues. This can have an effect on their development of decision making and problem solving skills.

Preschool children should be involved in discussions about being on time to preschool. When a child is aware of the concept of being on time and they attend school on time it can instill in them a sense of pride and confidence. The confidence they gain can go a long way in assisting them in learning information which is being taught to them.

Grade school children should be taught how to make decision regarding the time they spend on their homework. Many parents find it effective to discuss with their child the importance of prioritizing time to do homework before play time then making plans to do so. Children who so this mot only learn how to prioritize their time they also learn that they can be rewarded for doing hard work first.

Middle school and high school students often have a hard time making the time they need for homework and other school projects id they have into been taught these skills previously. Children at this age become more social and have a sense of not wanting to miss out on activities with peers. This is one of the biggest factors as to why children this age fail courses. While the student may have a full understanding of their class material they fail due to not turning in homework and other assignments.

If you have a middle or high school student who is struggling with proper time management it is not too late to help them. While teaching these skills at this older age can present challenges it will be of a great benefit to your child later in life.

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