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Improving Your Child's Writing Skills

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Working to enhance your child's writing skills is important for a variety of reasons. We use writing all our lives in society and for college essays, standardized testing, S.A.T's, and even when applying for a job. Helping your child become a better writer can help carry them further in life and be an essential part of their educational and career success.

Starting your child off with a journal at home can be very helpful in enhancing their writing skills. Allow older children to journal privately on their own desired topics. Younger children should be given a topic or story building sentence to help them get started.

Hosting a family book club is another excellent way to help build your child’s writing skills. Reading and writing are directly related to each other and having something to read and discuss with you at home on a regular basis can be very beneficial to your child. Pick a book that is age appropriate and divide your children into two different groups with different age appropriate selections if they are far apart in age. Of course you have to read everyones book, but it is for the betterment of your child.

Practice essay writing at home with your children. Have a weekly essay topic posted on your refrigerator and give them a week to write the essay. At the end of the week everyone can read their essay. This is very useful in preparation for standardized testing, because most standardized tests have a writing section for students to complete.

Helping your child develop a better comprehension of the written word can be extremely beneficial to them in life. Making reading and writing part of your family life can is both an excellent way to do that and an excellent way to bond as a family. Practice makes perfect, and giving your children the added motivation and experience in writing can help the hone their skills into a fine craft.

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