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How To Teach Your Child To Study

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A lot of parents constantly tell their children to “Go study!” But, how many of those children really understand what that means? Teachers do not have time during the school day to teach how to study. Well, that can only mean one thing—it is up to the parents to teach their children how to study.
Teaching your child how to study doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few easy strategies you can use with your child that will help him to understand how to study. Now, you do need to understand that these strategies involve parental participation—after all, it is much easier to study with a partner.

First of all, you can show your child how to make flash cards. Purchase a package of index cards. They can be lined or unlined, white or in various colors. It really doesn’t matter; whichever you can find is fine.

Making index cards for studying is easy, even for kids as young as first graders. All they have to do is write one word or math problem on one side, then flip the card over and write the answer on the other side. To help your child study simply hold up the cards one at a time for your child to provide the answer.

Another study method you can teach your child is to make practice tests. You can make them or your child can make them—or you can make them together. Write down math problems or misspelled words, for example; then have your child solve the problems or fix the spellings.
One other technique you can do to help your child study is to re-read textbook chapters together and then answering the questions at the end of the chapter.

Showing your child how to study and helping him to study is well-worth the time that it takes.

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