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How To Keep Your Child Interested In Reading

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One of the most important parts of any child’s education is learning to read. And, at first, it is probably the most exciting to a child. When a child begins to figure out how to sound out letters and words, and then recognizes sight words, it is quite an incredible time. Not to mention when a child gets to the point where he can actually read a book—that is really fantastic to a child.

But for many children, it isn’t too long—maybe a few years or so—before the magnificent luster of the world of reading begins to wear off. Reading doesn’t seem so remarkable anymore; in fact, many kids begin to complain that it is boring or dull.

So, before this happens, parents need to step in and make sure that their children stay interested in reading. Parents must help to keep their kids from becoming bored with reading.

The way to do this isn’t complicated. In fact, it is actually rather simple. All parents need to do is show that they find reading to be exciting. There are a few ways to do this.

First of all, parents can be enthusiastic about their children reading out loud. They can really listen when their children are reading, whether they are beginners just starting out or whether they have been learning for awhile and know a great many words and sounds. Parents listening to their children reading will have a big impact.

Next, parents can take the time to read to their children. Every day, parents should read at least one book to their children. It can be at bedtime or at any other time; the time doesn’t matter. What matters is that the parent is reading with the child.

Finally, parents can model reading for their kids. If children see their parents enjoying reading, then they, too, will come to love to read.

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