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How to Help Young Kids With Homework Without Giving the Answers

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When your kindergartener or first-grader begins to bring homework assignments home, it can be tough to know just how to assist them with the assignments. Parents can have a difficult time knowing how much help they are supposed to give to their kids and how much the kids are supposed to do on their own.
First of all, make sure that your child understands the assignment. Read the instructions to your child and have your child repeat the instructions back to you. Ask your child if he has any questions about what he is supposed to do.

Next, allow your child to do as much as possible. Set your child up at a desk or a table with the necessary materials and have him get started. Don’t hover over your child correcting every error—instead, let your child work. When your child has a problem, then you can come over to help.
Helping should take the form of trying to assist your child come up with the answer to the problem himself. Do not just give him the answer because this is not going to help your child learn. Instead, ask your child leading questions to try to help him come up with the answer to his problem. Make your questions more and more leading until you are almost giving the answer, but not quite. Finally, if he still doesn’t have the answer, try offering a rhyming word or an opposite word as a clue.

After your child has finished his homework, you should also help him by checking his homework over with him. Read it over together and check the answers. Discuss any that are incorrect and try to come up with the right answers using the method described above.
It can take a lot of time to help your child with homework in this manner, but your child will learn so much more if you do.

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