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How to Deal With a Difficult Teacher

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Children often wait in anticipation of who they will get for their teacher. Unfortunately, every now and then our child is assigned to a teacher who is not the easiest to deal with. No teacher intends to be difficult on purpose or tries to frustrate our children or their parents. Certain things can be done to avoid unnecessary tension between you and your child's teacher.This can help make the school year far more successful and pleasant than it would be if we aren’t careful.

Be respectful of the teacher and follow their rules. If they have a preferred method of contact use it. Teachers set up these guidelines for a reason, not just because they are trying to be difficult. Teachers are busy and your child is not their only student.

Participate in your child's education. Attend meetings, back to school night, open house and other school functions.When its possible volunteer, its good to be a familiar face to your child’s teacher. It will also help you to become familiar with you child’s teacher and know what their expectations are.

Let your child's teacher know that you appreciate them. Offer to help out when they need it and send them a gift or card on teacher appreciation day and other holidays. Trust their advice and ask for it when help is required.

Always give your child's teacher the benefit of the doubt before you make an assumption about a situation. Never assume through rumor or word of mouth that your child’s teacher is difficult. If it has come to the point when you have exhausted all options and have really have no other choice, calmly and rationally speak to your child's teacher about any complaints before going over their head.

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