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High School Seniors Have High Costs

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Senior year at high school can be quite costly. If parents are lucky, their child might have a part-time job and may be able to help out with some of the expenses. But, not all teens have paying jobs. In those cases, the cost falls to the parents. And most parents don’t want their teens to miss out on the senior class experiences since they are once in a lifetime experiences. So, they go ahead and foot the bills.

What are those bills? Well, a lot of them aren’t really essential; however, most teens really want to participate.

First of all, there are senior portraits. Unlike traditional school pictures, teens get these pictures taken at portrait studios. Some teens have several different poses taken. These can be rather costly, but some studios offer package deals to seniors.

There is also the prom, of course. Whether a teen is a girl or a boy, the prom involves some serious money. Clothing for the prom is costly—tuxedo rentals and prom dresses are both expensive. Then you have to add in the cost of a limousine rental (most teens want one), a nice dinner, prom photos, and, of course, prom tickets.

Then there are the senior class-related items. Most teens want the yearbook from their senior year, for one thing. Then there is a senior class ring. Costs for those can vary depending upon the style and material this is made from. And, many teens get nostalgic about their school their senior year and want a t-shirt or sweatshirt from their school.

Graduation-related items are also costly. The cap and gown must be paid for. Then there are the graduation announcements that must be sent out. And, don’t forget about a graduation party!
There are other senior-related expenses that aren’t listed here, too. Parents need to be prepared—perhaps they should start saving when their teens are freshmen?

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