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Handwriting Help For Children

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Having good handwriting is important both in life in general and in school. Unfortunately, many children are simply sloppy writers. There may be a variety of factors that lead to poor handwriting, but it is correctable with the proper tools and practice. Practicing writing and getting your child a good pencil grip can make a world of difference in your child’s overall educational experience.

The Tripod Pencil Grasp is one of the most commonly used pencil grips in schools. The child should position the pencil so that there is equal pressure between their thumb, the side of their middle finger and the tip of their index finger. All their fingers should be slightly bent. Held correctly, the thumb and forefinger form an oval when they are holding the pencil with the grip.

Have your child practice writing letters and numbers on a piece of lined handwriting paper. You can purchase blank handwriting paper from any store that sells school supplies. You may also consider buying some handwriting worksheets. The worksheets that have numbers and arrows on each alphabet letter and approach each lesson using easy steps are usually best. Make sure that you encourage good posture and proper pencil holding techniques. These things all contribute to your child’s handwriting being legible. Having good handwriting can make a big difference in a person’s life, the importance of good handwriting should always be stressed to your children without a lot of pressure being applied. It is important to start working with your children on their handwriting at and early age. You can have them practice letters as early as three years old, make the activity fun and praise your child for their efforts. Children don’t have fun when they are practicing handwriting, so it important that you make it worth their while.

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