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Getting Ready For School Parties

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If you have been elected the room mother or father of your child’s classroom by either force or choice, one of your many tasks will be planning your child’s classroom parties. Many parents go overboard when planning these parties not taking into consideration that they are usually only given a small window of time on the given school day for the party to be held. The key to planning a successful school party is to keep it simple, otherwise you will end up with extra food and a shortage of time to complete the activities you have planned. Consult with the teacher a few weeks in advance of the party and go over an ideas you have for the party. Determine and restrictions in food or activity that he or she may have for the classroom. Get the number for the other parents in the classroom so you ask for donations or extra help. Also get a list of the children to help plan favors or labeling of items. Order the part supplies, like plates, napkins and cups ahead of time so that you don’t have to do it last minute.

Plan your snack menu and start a sign up sheet so other parents who want to donate know what to buy. Prepare the prizes and favors for the games and take home bags and label the favor bags with each child’s name to avoid confusion. Prepare any crafts and games that the children will be making or playing at the party. Lastly, prepare the snacks the morning of the party or the night before the party. Pack everything neatly in boxes for transport and bring a cooler for cold items and drinks. Don’t forget clean up items, like trash bags and disinfectant so you don’t leave the teacher with a messy classroom.

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