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Design A Homework Space

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Creating a designated place for your children to complete their homework is an essential element to it getting done correctly. Having that designated space set up properly and stocked with the necessary items is the key providing a good learning environment.

Use the following tips to setup your child’s homework space effectively. Start by selecting a large workspace on either a table or desk. the space should have enough room for your child to spread books out and store extra supplies that they may need for certain assignments. It should also be flat and smooth so they are able to write neatly when using the surface.

Next you need to make sure that the space you have selected has adequate lighting. The space should ideally have its own lamp or a desk lamp to help your child focus on what they are doing. You can by detachable desk lamps for spaces that need to be used for other purposes.

The space should also have extra supplies of all the basic necessities. Extra pencils, pens, glue sticks, crayons, colored pencils, markers, a ruler, erasers and highlighters should be kept in box on the desk or nearby the table that your child is using to complete their homework assignments. They should also have access to a calculator and reference books for special assignments. It is also nice to keep a dry erase board near by for task management and a bulletin board for keeping assignments that may need to be left at home for several days to be completed.

Make sure that your child keep the area cleaned up and organized. Cluttering the space up negates its usefulness to your child, which defeats its whole purpose. Remind them to neatly put everything away upon completion of their homework assignments each night.

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