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Creating the Right Study Environment at Home

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It can be frustrating when your child is not performing as good in their classes as you feel they should. It is even more frustrating if your child is spending the appropriate amount of time studying every night. Frustration will lead many parents to hire tutors, or send their children to a learning program after school. There is possibly a better solution.

The first thing which should be considered is the manner in which your child is studying. The brain needs to rest when it is being used to learn or work. While it is tempting to get through everything as quickly as possible, it is not good for retention. It is a good idea to take between a ten and fifteen minute break every hour. This means to not just stare off into space, but to get up and walk around. The physical activity will serve to feed oxygen to the brain and to relax the body.

You may also want to consider the posture of your child as they study. If the common way to study is lying on the bed on their stomach, maybe it is time for a change. Have your child sit at a table or desk instead. This may help to improve retention by offering a more conducive environment for learning. It may also serve to offer less distractions or sleepiness.

The environment your child is studying in should always be well lit and well ventilated. Making sure your child can see what they are doing without straining is very important to be able to learn. It is also very important for there to be a constant stream of air flowing into the room. The more air your child gets, the more invigorated and awake their brain will be.

Creating the right environment for your child will most likely help to improve their grades. If it does not work, then it is time to take a look at tutors or other alternatives. It is important to try everything you can at home before going these routes in order to give your child the feeling they have the ability to do it on their own.

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