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Class Size and Your Child's Education

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Parents often face tough decisions as they try to find the school that is right for their children. "School of Choice" for public schooling, as well as the option for private schooling, makes these decisions even more difficult.

One of the things that parents are going to want to take into consideration when looking for a school for their child is class size. Class size can dictate the way that a student learns and can easily change the education that your child gets. Understanding as much as possible about this relationship will help you to make the right decision.

One on One

One of the main benefits of small classroom sizes is the strength that a teacher has when they can get as close to "one on one" as possible. Teachers are going to have to spread their time around to all of their students. The lower the amount of students that they have, the more time that they can spend on each student. While some students do not need this one on one time, others find it crucial to their success.

Large Classes

Large classes provide a myriad of problems for students who are trying to get a solid education. It is harder to catch the attention of the teacher in large classes. It is also harder to keep the attention of the teacher for long, as they must work with other students. It is also much easier to become distracted in larger classrooms.

Simply put, the smaller the class size, the better. Students are more likely to retain information, learn, and thrive when they are in a class with a small size. Talk to each school that you are considering for your child and ask them about their class size. The smaller the class size that they can offer, the better.

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