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Bullying and Your Child

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Bullying is a serious problem that our children face each and every day in school. While some will have to deal with this more than others, most will face it at some point in their educational careers.

For the longest time, the consensus was that children simply needed to toughen up, and that bullying would simply make them stronger. Today, we realize the serious and lasting affect that bullying can have. Parents need to take steps to prepare their children for these situations and to guide them to the necessary outlets.

Talk To Your Child

Parents need to take the time to talk to their children and truly understand what they are going through. Most children are too embarrassed about bullying to mention something to those that they love. Ask them questions about school and ask them questions about bullying. You may be surprised to hear about how truly difficult school can be for them because of taunting and bullying.

Talk to Counselors

If you notice that your child is having a difficult time with bullying, tell them to go to the school counselor. If they refuse, and the bullying continues to get worse, talk to the counselor yourself. You can request that the counselor keep the information confidential and anonymous. They can bring your child in to talk about issues and offer them further solutions to the problem.

Avoid Confrontation

Some parents feel the need to talk to the child who is bullying their child directly. This is inappropriate in a wide variety of ways. This may embarrass your child and cause even more bullying. You can recommend that your child talk to the bully or confront them. In the end, this will help to teach them to be assertive and to take care of their own problems. If you interfere, they learn nothing from the situation.

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